What am I grateful for in 2020?

It was a year of missed opportunities, unexpected turns and great challenges. However, I have never been more grateful. My perception of life has changed entirely, and everything seems different to prior the pandemic. From Learning to be more appreciative of the little things to being more consciously aware of showing gratitude, has helped get through every day.

Experiencing life from a completely different perspective is nothing I could have ever imagine happening. Its as if we had to relearn how to do most basic things again, therefore we have all learned to adapt to new lifestyles. Learning to pay attention to the things we would normally overlook. Learning to really listen, to see and to appreciate those around us, is one thing to be most grateful for. It taught me to not take anyone or anything for granted, it was a year for realization and clarity.

The past year has given us a lot of time, to think, to reflect and to do! Being able to take a step back to think and to reflect on life, has taught me that life is short and to do what makes you happy. Gaining new knowledge and learning through new experiences has helped me grow as a person and better myself. I learned how to avoid negativity and to become more consciously aware of gratitude.  I learned that gratitude is a significant contributor to improving our mental and physical health.

“Gratitude may be one of the most overloaded tools for increasing happiness” (Scharp,2020)

Without the constant support and comfort from family and friends, it would have been much harder to get through the year. Family is the only constant in our life, but little do we realize the lack of appreciation and gratitude we show towards them. Therefore, I am immensely grateful for not losing anyone that I loved to COVID-19. Seeing how badly everyone around the world was impacted, I am grateful for my health and life’s stability. Also, most importantly due to the tireless efforts of the those who are trying to find solutions to overcome this dreaded virus, I am thankful that we can have hope for better days to come.

In 2020, our reality became virtual. Everyone had to adapt to the new norm of working and experiencing life through their computers. Even though, it reduced the physical contact between family and friends, we are still able to keep in touch with them more so than ever. I am glad that I have regained contact with people whom I had lost touch with over the years. Virtual communication has helped strengthen friendships and relationships, for this I am very grateful.

 The last year has tested our Patience and mental resilience, I am glad to have overcome the challenges and obstacles that were thrown against me. If the new year turns out to be a repetition, then I am hopeful that I will be able to get through it as I did, with the help of my family, friends and good health.




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Kat Izzard

Kat Izzard

Director of Stakeholder Relations